This is perfect if you know exactly what you want, if you need pictures for your business card, company website, dating site, real estate site. 

  • one look

  • one location

  • one retouched image

  • two hours max.



This is perfect if you are an actor or model wanting different looks or if you are a family wanting family photos. 

  • three looks/wardrobe changes

  • three location changes-within close proximity

  • three retouched images

  • three hours max.



This is perfect if you want to explore exciting locations within the LA area, if you need photos for a look-book, your model portfolio or if you are a big family. Additional charge will apply for anything over 4.5 hours.

  • unlimited looks

  • up to six retouched images

  • 4.5 hours max



  • I charge $15 and up per each additional edited image 

  • You can request a make-up artist for an additional $125 or bring your own

  • for event photography rates vary based on assignement

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