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When the Big Quiet has set in due to COVID-19, America learned to cook in a day, the lunch leftovers became coveted snacks and dinner appetizers and we developed a new-found appreciation for the slightly damp paper towel for its multiple use. We remembered the “one” that we let get away because we were “just not ready” at that time. We remembered to call her and make amends. We remembered that we had neighbors and even asked them if they needed anything. We remembered what our mother taught us, to wash our hands frequently, we remembered to honor personal space and we remembered Nature when the gym was closed. We remembered our children and that we must teach them well, we remembered our spouses and thanked them for their patience and held them tight as we whispered in their ears “we are in this together”. We remembered to marvel at the blossoming Japanese cherry tree, to smell the rose, to rejoice in watching a squirrel eat that tangerine. We remembered. We remembered that connection is everything while socially distancing as we tried to catch a glimpse of the eyes of that human behind the mask on our morning walk. We remembered. Whether the virus was man made and escaped the lab or it was deliberately released, conspiracy theorists can sort that one out. Regardless of it, Mother Earth has hit a reset button.

I dare say this: COVID-19 is a gift- the greatest gift to us so we can finally remember what it means to be HUMAN. It is the great equalizer. But it comes at a staggering price with close to 1,5 million infected and over 80,000 dead. It is a hefty price to pay for our awakening. But it is exactly that. Humanity as a whole has been plagued with the a certain soul sickness that brought about the Great Forgetting that led us all into a state of disconnection. We forgot that we were supposed to be guardians and caretakers of the Earth and all beings on it. In our egocentricity fueled by the illusion of comfort and convenience at any price, we trampled upon her who gave us a home, whose soil we walk on, whose air we breath, that whose heartbeat gives all beings LIFE. WE FORGOT. We forgot the indigenous wisdom to live with Mother Earth, not from Mother Earth. We haven’t been well for a very long time. The Big Quiet has been given to us so we can all tune into that innate wisdom of how to have reverence for the Earth, for the trees, the rivers, the animals, the winged ones. Mother Earth has been telling us all these years. We didn’t listen. Politicians didn’t listen. They didn’t want to- there’s too much money given out by the by mega corporations. Some of us knew what has been going on, having tuned into the Earth’s frequencies long ago, but the majority of Earth’s population didn’t. When the Amazon cried out through her fires and when the Land Down Under went up in flames and Earth’s lungs continued to hurt we ignored her message, we were too busy with our own arrogance, ignorance and consumerism. But, what If- this time we turned all that around and into wisdom, humility and a heart-centered existence. What if we collectively decided to be of service to Mother Earth and to one another? What if we use this time to reflect, to go within and grow inwardly and plug back into our higher selves, and radiate that internal ripeness, inspire others and create real change together? What if we were not only healthy and fit in our bodies but our hearts were soaked with spirit and kindness. It is true we are all in this together and this very virus showed us that what happens to one affects the whole, on every level. We are sitting in this divine matrix that holds the universe together and all of us are connected. When you look at how the fires around the globe the last few years affected the lungs of the Earth and exacerbated air pollution, impacting climate change and you see how corona virus attacks the lungs of the infected, one can’t help but acknowledge the parallel between the two.

When the world as we knew it came to halt and humans were grieving the life that “was”, nature decided to celebrate and give us the kind of show we have never seen. A herd of wild goats descended from the hills onto the deserted streets of Llandudno, Wales. The usually crowded beach of Costa Verde in Lima became home to thousands of birds instead of humans, capybaras showed themselves of the empty streets of Buenos Aires, families of ducks went sightseeing on the streets of Paris, wild boars frolicked on the streets of Haifa in Israel. The Big Quiet invited pumas into the capital of Chile and the water in the Venice canals became so clean one could see all the way to the bottom, and dolphins showed themselves off the coast of Sardinia. The slowing down of marine fleet and human pollution with the decrease of carbon dioxide emission tied to industrial activity and transportation has a remarkable effect on nature. And if the sighting of wildlife isn’t enough of a proof of Nature’s grand parade and celebration, geoscientists concluded that the coronavirus lockdown reduced the Earth’s seismic vibrations. Seems like Mother Earth finally gets to rest from our careless human activity.

The truth is Earth will be just fine without humans but we need Mother Earth on all levels. And because of that, perhaps we take this time to reevaluate our relationship with her. Through the Big Quiet we get to hear her voice and learn to walk ever so lightly on the Earth. A beautiful message by Mindahi from the Otomo people lays out the path: “We need to remember the original instructions on how to live in harmony with Mother Earth. We need to remember we came here to live “with” not to live “from”. To take care of not to take over. This is the New Dawn. We are entering the 6th Sun, and a new level of consciousness is emerging- even with the social distance we have to come together. Together we are stronger. It’s not about looking for the vaccine, it’s about coming together with all relatives of the plant world, the mineral world, the animal world. We need to be aware that we are part of creation and we are here to live in peace, harmony and dignity with all.”

© 2020 All Rights By Ursula Vari


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