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Written and Produced by Ursula Vari

Many associate the City of Compton with its ongoing gang warfare, and the rap groups that shot to stardom chronicling violent life on the streets. But Compton is changing through its vibrant community and the good that its constituents and local politicians are doing ( thank you Councilman Andre Spicer).

Compton, or Hub City, as it is frequently referred to due to its geographic location, is going back to its glory days when people rode their horses along the nearby creek and woke up to the sound of roosters on their farm. Tucked between Schinner and Caldwell Street, across from the loud hum of Excellent Car Wash on Long Beach Boulevard, there is an oasis that represents the kind of sustainable urban agriculture that not only provides food, but brings the whole community together to celebrate life and to learn from and through plants. A lone horseman rides past the Compton Community Garden where excited volunteers are harvesting squash, kale, tomatoes and medicinal herbs for their evening meal, while the DJ carefully curates his playlist to match the frequency of the vegetation. You really can't go wrong with Kenny Dope's Roy Ayers Remix mid-harvest.

I had the honor to document "Earth Pulse", a monthly event at the community garden and to produce this segment along with some inspiring photos.

Much gratitude to Ivy, Johnny, Temu and Dr Ross for this social-ecology movement and for addressing the food apartheid in the city and in other communities.

Compton Rising is my multimedia project highlighting the inspiring people, events, organizations and businesses in the City of Compton.

Produced/Shot/Edited and All Words by me

© 2022 All Rights Reserved


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